Monday, February 19, 2018

The Days We Didn't Always Obsess About Race

Allow me to tell you about the 80's.

It was a magical time.  It was a wonderful time.  And perhaps it seemed so wonderful if you were unfortunate enough to have lived through the 70's.  But whether you had that comparison or not, it really didn't matter.  The economy was booming, we had a president you knew loved Americans and had their best interests at heart.  The world's largest evil (Soviet communism) was reforming itself out of necessity as it was failing.  And though it is certainly up for debate, Americans got a hair cut, disco died, the hippies went away, architecture and fashion returned to something more normal, and society (be it buildings or people) got a lot prettier to look at.  It was perhaps what people felt like in the 50's even though I wasn't there to remember it.

But then I was tuning into the Bechtloff podcast last night and he made an observation about the 90's that I also had about the 80's.

You could go an entire day, week, even month not thinking about race or sex.

Certainly you would see minorities out in public.
Women, no matter where you were, were there.
And the likes of Michael Jackson, Mr. T, and Junkyard Dog were childhood superheroes whose skin color certainly was there, but never registered beyond "Ain't Michael Jackson a slightly paler shade than the last time we saw him?"

But you never thought about race, sex, racism or sexism.  You just thought about your day.

Then the 90's came in.

The reason Chris Bechtloff remembers a childlike "non-race-obsessed 90's" is because the left had just started rolling out their racial-divide-and-conquer strategy in colleges and universities.  They euphemistically called it "diversity" but it was so annoying, so forced, and so obvious what they were doing, smarter people just ignored it, dismissing it as another leftist attempt to whine, complain and demand more of other people's money.  But whereas I thought most people could see through this charlatainism, most did not.  And soon diversity was no longer a mindless chant leftist life-long college students would mindlessly recite, but it crept its way into freshmen orientation, mandatory pre-req classes, missions statements at the universities, and made the jump to government, the private sector and media.

Now, it is cacophony that's all over the place.  And now, you have a full generation of young people who have grown up not knowing what it was like not to worry about diversity, race, or sexism every day, because it wasn't forced fed down your throats.

So let me tell you young boys and girls;

Yes, there was a time you could play with your buddy "Luther" and not think about his race, but simply if he wanted to play baseball or go collect cans.

You could watch a movie like Blade and not have Hollywood or the media masturbate themselves into a frenzy over it being the first real black superhero movie.

You could wake up and be pretty sure most Americans preferred to protect their borders, and not be guilt tripped into feeling bad because you decided you wanted to live in a 1st world nation.

You were simply allowed to be mentally and psychologically free of this hatred, division, and synthesized guilt the American left has burdened everybody's minds with today because deep down inside you weren't racist or sexist.  You just didn't think that much about race and cared more about who they were than what they looked like.

Unfortunately now the entire country is mentally obsessed with race, sex, and now 38 flavors of sexual preference.  You will never know what it was like to just wake up and not worry about these things, go to school and never have your teacher nag you about diversity and acceptance, or be forced to sit in diversity or tolerance classes.  You will never know what it was like not to have everybody hawking over your social media posts to ensure you said the right things your indoctrinators told you.  You will never know what it's like to go and watch a movie without that leftist-mind-worm gnawing at your brain, forcing you to view the movie in terms of how many minority characters there are, and not in fact enjoying the movie.

It was a great time.  And I wish you were there to enjoy it.  But sadly, you missed out on it.  But then again, most of you didn't even know what life was like pre-diversity-divide-and-conquer so perhaps this is just "the new normal."
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Friday, February 16, 2018

The Greasy Pole

If you are looking for another podcast that is strictly within the domain of men and masculinity may I recommend the virgin episode of "The Greasy Pole" hosted by none other than Adam Piggott and The Great One.  It was their first go at it and it was entertaining as always, especially when Adam talked about splitting the urinal cake in half.

Men will love it.
Soy boys will hate it.

So what more convincing do you need to tune in?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Alex is Always Hiring

From Alex over at Academic Composition.
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Thanks again and we look forward to working with you,

Academic Composition management,

When Your Daughter Majors in the Liberal Arts

Masters degree
Facing evication
Can't pay bills
Resorts to prostitution


Is so thoroughly indoctrinated she needs to force "black feminist theory" upon her clients.

Remember, government checks can replace fathers.  But not very well.

Some Serious Wisdom Here

The logic of this judge makes me slightly hopeful for the future and that freedoms are being protected.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Episode #240 of The Clarey Podcast - Craft Beer Bubble Popping Episode

The hipster craft brew pub bubble finally pops.
The news is bad for you.  So give it up.
A post-op transexual writes Cappy to explain why he regrets it.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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The Best Investment in 2018? Paying Off Your Debts

I'm not going to beat the dead horse of comparing the S&P 500's pathetic dividend yield of 1.7% or the below-inflation rates of interest you can get in savings accounts to the 4-25% rate of return you can get by paying off your debts.

I'm simply going to point out the bullshittery that happens in America's blessed "stock market" that you sheep all invest in because you're stupid and never question why you save for retirement.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Much as I dislike Keillor, the accusations are still "alleged."  The real story is actually NOT whether Garrison Keillor engaged in a fireable offense, but that the entire government and university industries will fire you/disavow you if you're merely accused. 

Oh well, enjoy the decline.

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

But the mom's boyfriend who raped and impregnated all of her daughters was.

But don't worry.  Government checks are a perfect substitute for fathers.  And she totally loves her babies so it's all good.  You just go about your business and enjoy the decline.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Feminism is Ruining Women's Finances

Strippers and Security Guards

Allow the Captain to tell you the tale of two people.  The first one being the loveable Captain himself and the other a stripper he had come across in conversation.

From 1993 to 1997 there was a good chance you could find the Captain in uniform, at night, patrolling the U of MN campus into the wee hours of the early morning.  He was doing this to scratch out what little living he could in order to pay for food, clothing, shelter, insurance, gas, tuition and ALL other living expenses, all of which on a starting wage of $6.90 per hour ($11.70 in today's money).  If he was lucky he would be able to time it where he could get 40 hours in before a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas would start, which would allow him to compound overtime work on top of holiday pay, earning him 2.25 times his normal wage.  This would allow him to earn at most during his security career $20.95 per hour (a very handsome wage indeed for the time) and was instrumental in him graduating from college without a penny in college debt.

Of course, there were some drawbacks to this.

First, the Ole Captain had to work LOOONG hours, often packing in 40 hours in two days, so he (and other security guards) could avail themselves of holidays that would start just two mere days into the work week.  There were uncountable number of dog/graveyard shifts which wreaked havoc on his (and others) health, both physical and mental.  And the cold.  I cannot even begin to explain the pain of the cold.  Minnesota winters were long, brutal, and lacking sun, with night time temperatures regularly dropping below -10 and windchills over the Mississippi river bridge dropping below -40.  Oh, and by the way whinny Millennials, this was all while attending school full time.  The experience was so brutal, miserable, and galvanizing, the Captain has no pity for any non-handicapped poor person and to this day refuses to donate to any charity.

The second story is one of a stripper-come-lawyer.  Cappy ran into this girl at a party during his twenties.  He was not so much impressed with her pretty physique as he was the story as to how she paid for 7 years of post-high school education.  In short, it was simple.  The girl would go to college during the day time, study in the afternoon, and head to the strip club at night where she would proceed to make about $50 per hour shaking her booty in front of horny, desperate men.  This translates into $85.00 per hour in 2018 money, roughly $160,000 in an annual salary if you were to work full time.  Of course, with school the young lady wasn't able to work full time, but in the three hours she'd strip each night, she made more than what Cappy did, also graduating from GRAD SCHOOL debt free.

Of course, there are also some drawbacks to this route of financing college.

The girl had to endure 7 years of lewd, hollering men.  Showing your privates daily while prostrating yourself to the public, must take a mental toll.  I'm sure many men made passes at her.  And if you are unaware of stripper culture, she had to constantly avoid offers for drugs, prostitution, booze, and partying.  But all these things considered, it was only 3 hours a day, it was in a climate controlled room, and she was not sleep deprived in the end.  And all these drawbacks considered, she made over 7 times what Cappy did per hour for roughly equally skilled work.  I never knew what happened to her after that, but I do know I would have gladly traded places.

The Horrible, Mean, Evil, Reality of Economics
Lamenting the past aside, there is an important and vital economics lesson here for everyone to learn.  And while the lesson may be politically incorrect and not what the vast majority of women, leftists, and politically correct people want to hear, it doesn't make it any less true.  This is a fact and the sooner people realize it and base their actions in it, the more effective our life decisions will be and the more success we will have in life.

The number one commodity in the world is not:


It is female beauty.

And the reason it is the most valuable commodity in the world is because:

1.  HALF the population wants it


2.  To such a fervent extent they will do practically anything for it, including, but not limited to:

Building civilization
Declaring war
Going to war
Committing crime
Creating and innovating...well...everything
Mastering science
Enslaving themselves to a corporate career
Endebting themselves to go to college
Buying McMansions they don't need
Borrowing money to afford you a Range Rover
Throwing money at this commodity just to look at it
Even trying to play god to synthesize this commodity

Never has one half of the population held such sway and power over the other half, nor had such an advantage.

You would think with such an edge, such an advantage, women would avail themselves of this power and use it to enrich and advance themselves...and for the most part they have historically.  Women would use their beauty to attract the most powerful and richest mate, ensuring their off spring would not only be protected, but cared for.  The stripper-turned-lawyer I knew certainly wielded this advantage to extract $50 an hour worth of wealth out of men (while the Ole Captain pulled-teeth to negotiate a $6.90/hour out of the U of MN Police Department).  And for the most part after a man died, the women would inherent what remainder of wealth he had to see her through old age.  The system worked, it was perfected and honed over 2 million years of human evolution, the way, the entirety of civilization and all the wonders of modern day technology was created in the process.

This didn't mean women could just show up and lollygag through life if they were pretty (although, that does happen too). There was child-birthing, child rearing, home keeping, and not being allowed to participate in the management, construction, and advancement of society/the economy.  But when it came to physical exertion, toil, not to mention early death women, to this day, come nowhere near to the calories of energy men have expended.  They still do have the easier "physical" life, even though historically this meant giving up suffrage and playing a first officer to a spousal captain.

Let's Ruin a Good Thing

Whether you agreed with how society evolved and the traditional role that resulted for women, you would think that going forward you would like to keep the advantages of the past, and combine them with new advantages in the future.  And, to be perfectly honest, women will never "get rid" of the advantage they have over men in terms of them owning and controlling the world's most sought after commodity because it's inherently programmed into our genetics.

But if there's way to ruin a good time.
If there's a way to piss in the punch bowl.
If there's a way to give up an incomparable, nearly unlimited-power-advantage

feminists will find a way to do it.

This at first may seem ironic and contradictory.  Feminists and "feminism," presumably, even with its Latin base wording, would imply it is for the benefit of women.  And perhaps at some point in time it was.  But if you look at its historical track record, especially the past 50 years, and you look at its consequences, feminism has ironically hurt women much more than helped.

First, there is the ultimate thing that matters - happiness.  Women are not getting happier, no matter what advances and successes feminism has claimed.  They make more money, they have more education, they have careers, they're having it all, but ironically once they got what feminism promised, they're not happier.  I would claim it's because you're going against 2 million years of human evolution and programming and maybe your kids would like to see you (instead of the day care/nanny you outsourced them to).  I would also make the PAINFULLY obvious claim that working and commuting sucks.  But this simple logic is not enough to dislodge the thoroughly entrenched brainwashing women have received since they were 5 about the importance of a career and feminism.

Second, feminists offer HORRIBLE financial advice.  The wage gap could be closed tomorrow if women simply majored in STEM and not the worthless liberal arts they are conditioned to.  Instead, if you look at ardent and professional feminists, the vast majority of them themselves major in subjects that can only be considered fake (Women's Studies, Gender Studies, Sociology, etc.), while standard ranked and file women who claim to be feminists major in fields that just don't pay.  At best women enter "HR"or some kind of business discipline where they have a 1/1,000,000 to become a Cheryl Sandberg, while at worst (and more likely) you're working as a barista or adjunct professor with your "Masters in Art History," forever impoverished by the student loans professional feminists told you you should incur.  And so instead of becoming engineers, doctors, programmers, and mechanics, most feminist women today ironically make peanuts compared to men and non-feminist counterparts (some, sadly and ironically resorting to prostitution). 

Third, wasted lives.  If you combine misery with poverty and add time, you get wasted lives.  And this is perhaps the worst way feminism has served failed women.  It may feel good at 20 to believe you're oppressed and there's this sisterhood or philosophy that approaches a religion that gives you immediately agency, purpose, and even a feel of supremacy, but if that philosophy is a religion and NOT based in reality, it dooms its adherents to waste their lives.  Thus the unlimited number of 50, 60, even 70 something feminists facing their horrific mortality today.  They're alone, they have cats and pets as a surrogate family, no children, no real career, and unlike their traditional and oft-mocked 1950's housewife who received her passed-away husband's pension, they have $120,000 in student loans for their "Masters in Health Administration" degree and it is all because they swallowed whole what feminism told them.  The rest of their (very short) lives will be alone, poor, and miserable, largely thanks to feminism.

I could go on, but the point is feminism has a horrible track record when it comes to benefiting women and making them happy.  Worse, if you truly follow it and look at 60's feminists as the empirical consequences of it, this is a not a path you want to go down.

But why does "feminism"- something presumably intended and designed to help women - fail so miserably? Why do feminists, who no doubt ARE for women, end up worse off on average than non-feminists?

And the answer to that lies in the Grid-Girl news story.

Crabs in a Bucket

If you didn't know, the Grid Girls news story is simply that they're all getting fired.  Historically "grid girls" were the cheerleaders of the Formula One racing circuit and have been there since wheels have been on cars.  But the powers that be decided this was degrading to women and got rid of this long standing tradition, firing them all in the process.

There were howls and hoots coming from fans, normal people, and men who just like female beauty, but perhaps the loudest howls were coming from the grid girls themselves who not only found themselves out of a job, but (rightly) wondered how feminism getting a whole profession of women fired was "benefiting women."  And while these poor girls (not to mention some intellectually honest feminists) were dazed how feminism could deliver such a traitorous blow, those of us who are wiser, smarter, and more cynical roll our eyes as it highlights, exposes, and belies arguably the darkest truth about feminism we've all know for quite some time.

Feminism is not for all women.

It's for lazy, envious, jealous and petty women.

And this is where we must revisit female beauty.

Beauty Takes Work.  HARD WORK

To be beautiful takes work.  To be handsome takes work.  Matter of fact anything of value, worth, or excellence takes work.  But the problem is work sucks.  Toil sucks.  It's painful to work out, it's painful to focus and exert yourself.  And if you look at the vast majority of feminists (and certainly women's studies professors) they are ugly.  This does not mean they are genetically ugly, born with ugly features and an ugly face. The truth is very few people are genuinely "ugly," it's just they don't put forth the work effort required to make themselves beautiful/handsome.  Ergo, being ugly is not so much a function of bad genetics or bad luck, but laziness and choice.  And if you look at feminism it is chock full of laziness and lazy choices.

First, there is obesity and the painfully obvious fact feminists don't hit the gym.  It's so bad they even created the mental acrobatics of "body shaming" and "fat pride" to convince themselves that "big is beautiful."  All so they can avoid the pain of dieting and the gym.

Second, their choice of majors and careers.  Yes, there are some honest feminists who are doctors, surgeons, cops, programmers, CEO's, and mechanics.  They work hard and put forth the effort.  But for every one of them, there is at least a score of women's studies majors, English majors, Sociology majors, and whatever potpourri of worthless, math-and-rigor-avoidance degrees out there.  These girls (and some boys) do not choose these careers or professions for anything as noble as the equality of women, but because they are first and foremost easy degrees with easy (though low paying) make work government jobs attached to them.  Again, they are lazy, not noble.

This then leads into the third bit of proof that it is laziness, not nobleness that drives feminists - constant and never-ending victimhood.  Instead of working harder or choosing more-in-demand professions, feminists expend more energy whining and complaining about sexism and misogyny than they would three life times at a gym.  They demand quotas, preferential treatment by government and employers, more money for education, and more government checks and programs to make up for the "sexism" that will seemingly never go away.  They could at anytime move out to the Bakken oil field and work an oil rig.  They could at anytime join the military, enter ROTC and becoming officers in the military.  They could at anytime major in computer engineering and start making $65,000 a year, but they don't.  And the reason they don't is it's easier to sit in an air-conditioned office in academia, bitch about non-existent sexism, and demand taxpayer funded government grants to explain why bitcoin is sexist. Again, it is laziness that defines feminism today, not an egalitarian pursuit of the equal treatment of women.

But for this cushy (though mentally delusion and damaging) lazy life, there is a price to pay.  And it is the ULTIMATE price.  Yes, you may get the taxpayer or students to create you an entirely worthless, pointless make work government job career.  Yes, you won't have to do a day's honest work of real toil or labor, stuffing your face with carbs and you get some token amount of placating by Target the "big is beautiful."  And yes, you can tell yourself the most fantastic of lies that "you're proud to be a slut" and you are somehow a real, responsible, grown up adult.  But because all of this delusion was derived from laziness, you will be condemned to be...

overweight, and

and therefore you will give up your single largest advantage you have over men, not to mention your single largest economic and financial advantage - female beauty.

The Choice is NOT Yours

If feminism was relegated to this - a group of lazy women who just plain didn't want to work hard - the largest price to society would be some increased taxation, some annoyance listening to their constant complaining, some fake-rape accusations on college campuses, and the ruination of the nuclear family.  However, what the elimination of the grid girls' career shows us is that some feminists are not simply happy commiserating amongst themselves.  For not only are they lazy, deep down inside their ideology is so sad and pathetic, they are also jealous.  It's not enough that they don't make as much money as other people, a lot of feminists can't stand people being better than them in ANY regard or capacity.  Beauty, physique, talent, artistic ability, creativity, intelligence, work ethic, morality, or any other skill, talent, or quality that brings beauty and all that is good the world.  And whereas you'd like to think that something on the face of it that is noble as feminism, backed up with decades worth of research and presumably terabytes of academic and philosophical work, in the end it's just rank laziness combined with jealousy.

Unfortunately, this is antithetical to women's best interests because it directly threatens their single biggest financial advantage - their physical beauty.  You may not like this fact, you may not like that men will forever be more impressed with your breasts than your brains, but if you didn't notice by now this post and this site does not care about what you'd "like" as much as "what is."   And if women truly wanted what was best for them, and if feminists truly wanted what was best for women, everybody would be intellectually honest and courageous enough to admit this fact - most women will make the most money and accumulate the most wealth via their physical beauty than most any other means.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't major in engineering.  This doesn't mean you shouldn't have a career.  By all means I champion and encourage women to go into STEM, develop their brains, and make the most money as possible.  But this does mean to realize and acknowledge this great power and advantage you have and to simply use it to your advantage.  It is also to highlight and expose a huge threat that faces women, one the demise of the grid girls shows you.  Most feminists today do not have women's best interests at heart.  And this is proven by how they jealously begrudge and often times aim to eliminate the financial advantage beauty confers upon beautiful women.

It's very simple.  Stay beautiful and stay smart.  But stay wary of the promises feminism.
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There is No Journalism Anymore

Just lazy, spoiled American kids (and adults) from the suburbs who couldn't resist their K-College brainwashing, and thought they knew how the world should work at the age of 17 and by god, they're going to tell you how to lead your lives until you're all dead.

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Friday, February 09, 2018

Podcast Episode #239 of the Clarey Podcast - Mayer Ted Wheeler Special!

Future SJW minority nurses killing white people in the nursing home.
LGBT....LISDFUSOIFUSDOFIDSFS insanity and it's time to laugh at them.
Portland's Mayor may have climbed Mt. Everest but he don't economics.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Artificial Alphas

A good interview with Oshay Jackson about the posers on the internet who claim to know more than you:

Thursday, February 08, 2018

For the D&D/Geek Agents in the Field

This won't be for everybody, but for those of you who played D&D back in the day (or even today) you may like the podcast I sat in on a podcast called "Legends of Table Top" where we discussed all things geekery about RPG's, Battletech, Shadow Run, Atari video games, and general tom foolery.  It was actually a very interesting conversation especially if you happen to be 30+ and played back in the day.

Book Reports on "Worthless"

I'm offering free copies of Worthless to any high school students who have to do a book report AND HAVE TO PRESENT IT TO THE CLASS as part of their book report assignment.  All I ask in return (in addition to the young reader not majoring in a stupid subject) is that they have a friend of theirs film the presentation and allow me to put it up on YouTube.
E-mail the ole Captain at CAPTcapitalism ***at*** the yahoos if you want a copy and send me proof you actually have a kid or you yourself are a student who has a book report due.  Of if you're feeling particularly charitable you can buy a copy here.

Age Discrimination/Ageism in America

To quote adults from the 70's, 80's, and 90's

"Stop whining!"

The Five Biggest Lies Baby Boomers Told America

From an Asshole Consulting request:

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The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

But remember, a life time supply of government checks is a perfect, if not superior, substitute to having a father around.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Curse Free Episode #31 of The Clarey Podcast - Justin Trudeau is a Pussy Special

Maintaining your Pride.
Spinsters' failures in frozen eggs.
Californian professors are poor and deserve to be.
Justin Trudeau is the world's biggest pussy.  Seriously.


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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